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Welcome to gastropub the Temple Bar

Виртуальный тур

the Temple Bar created specifically for admirers of good food and quality drinks.

Our chefs prepare dishes from only high quality products, embodying the classic recipes of their new culinary ideas. For exquisite snacks from the extensive menu you will always be able to choose the drinks.

In the Temple Bar presents, perhaps, the best Beers:
- English ale BODDINGTONS
- Belgian dark beer of the super-premium LEFFE BRUNE
- Belgian cherry beer BELLE-VUE KRIEK
- Belgian refreshing apple cider STASSEN CIDER
- Classic German beer SPATEN
- Legendary Irish stout GUINNESS DRAUGHT STOUT, dark, thick, with a unique taste

Besides, there is always a good selection of Whiskey and Bourbon from all familiar Johnie Walker to vintage Macallan Fine Oak and absinthe, vermouth, wine, vodka, gin, cognac, liqueur, rum and tequila.

The total capacity of the pub 75 people. The main hall of the Temple Bar is designed for 37 guests. You can sit at the bar, located in one of the cozy cabins with sofa or at a table in a separate fireplace room for 30 people. VIP-room for 8 persons with a round table and leather chairs is ideal for intimate evenings, table games and chamber events. All rooms have TV: we are watching major sporting events together with you.

We invite you to the Temple Bar -
to sip a pint or two to the accompaniment of the Fish and Chips or a juicy steak.
Please rate the level of cuisine and service, feel the atmosphere.
We are sure that you will be with us well.

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